Since our inception our vision has been to infuse art into our ever progressive and modernising society. through our fine arts program we have managed to realise this vision and subsequently have had the opportunities to bring to life some of the most prominent building in Saudi Arabia and the middle east.


Rochan Fine Arts was founded by Arch. Talal M Kurdi over thirty years ago. as a young architect who graduated with a Masters degree from the university of Miami, USA. Talal returned to his homeland of Saudi Arabia armed with his love of art and the built environment. He soon established Rochan Fine Arts which was later to become the umbrella under which he would establish himself as a leading Architect and Fine Arts Programmer in the Middle East. Through Rochan’s dedication to providing excellent Fine Arts Consulting, long standing experience, organization, structure and comprehensive knowledge of the industry, it has established itself as a pioneer within the art world.

Rochan Gallery has played an integral role in the movement of contemporary Arab and international art through its gallery and cultural exhibitions. One of the most important functions of Rohan Gallery is to be the link between artists and the lovers of art.


While we celebrate our 30th anniversary since establishing our headquarters in jeddah, KSA, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our Rochan Fine Arts Program and to share with you some of our accomplishments